Since its inception in 1984, Centennial has provided cultural resource services for a multitude of development projects.

Centennial Archaeology has conducted hundreds of projects ranging in size from small-scale surveys to multi-year, multi-phase undertakings.  These projects have occurred throughout the western United States, in the southern and central Rocky Mountains, western Great Plains, Great Basin, and Southwest. Archaeological investigations have also been conducted in South America, central Africa, and central Asia. Centennial’s clients include oil, gas, pipeline, and mining companies, architectural and engineering firms, environmental consultants, historical societies, water districts, federal and state agencies, and county and municipal governments.  A wide array of project types has been successfully completed:

Centennial maintains a full library of technical reports and general anthropological/archaeological references.

  • Pipelines including natural gas, crude and product petroleum, and carbon dioxide
  • Transportation projects including corridor alternative studies
  • Military land acquisitions and facilities developments
  • Transmission lines and buried utilities including fiber optic lines
  • Water projects
  • Wind farms
  • Oil and gas projects including well fields
  • Mining projects for gold, uranium, copper, limestone, and coal development
  • Abandoned mine land reclamation studies
  • Treatment and filtration plants
  • Land exchanges, land sales, and timber sales
  • State parks and wildlife areas
  • Recreational trails
  • Ski area expansions
  • Housing developments

Centennial Archaeology - Project History